Join John Kerry At The Inaugural... Just Not His

We used to wonder how John Kerry would adjust to being just another senator again, after so many months being a sacrificial lamb thrown in the path of the mighty Bush juggernaut. But now we see he's easing back into it by helping Americans celebrate his defeat.

Each Senate office receives roughly 400 inaugural tickets to distribute. Kerry, who hoped to play a far different role in the inauguration, has received 120 ticket requests to his Washington office and 100 more from his offices in the state.
We hear Kerry is also putting together a nice brunch for President Bush on Inauguration Day and that he's bought up 200 tickets to the coveted "Black Tie & Boots" Texas State Society inaugural ball, which he'll give away free to any young Republicans who want to go. As long as they're a gay married couple.

No Kerry, No Mass.-Appeal [Boston Herald]

[AFP/File/Hector Mata]


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