Join McCain's Stupid Club, Win Piece Of Paper And .JPG!

Few things brighten your Wonkette's day more than a fresh new e-mail from McCain's figurehead campaign manager, Rick Davis, announcing some lame new fundraising schtick. Today he informed us that the campaign would launch "McCain Aces II," an exclusive club for rich Fat Cats who donate over $25. It's a follow up to the original "McCain Aces" group that Davis claims was "popular," even though that contradicts the basic fact that no one ever fucking knew it existed.

Piling one exciting development on top of another, those who join "McCain Aces II" will suddenly gain access to the playthings of the rich and powerful:

So they're saying that if we give them enough money to join this fake club, we actually get our name listed on some dark corner of his terrible website (engraved on a divot tool?), a computer picture of five dark blue clip-art jets with some lines in the background, and a folded piece of paper to throw at figures of authority? Fun. What was the kicker for joining the original McCain Aces club -- three of McCain's yellow toenail clippings circa 1981?

McCain Aces II [John McCain]


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