Join The Mile High Club, With Jesus!


Look, another thing to be thankful for! Ever been in the sky and thought to yourself, "Oh boy, flying through the air is great, but I wish this was a CHRISTIAN airline, as opposed to a stinky heathen secular airline that probably says its prayers to CLOUDS or something"? Ever wanted to put your tray table in a MORALLY upright position? No? Well, then we guess you are not the target market for Judah 1 Airlines, which is a thing, or is about to be a thing.

The Christian Post reports that Judah 1, which is already a private airline that operates out of the worldwide airplane hub of Shreveport, Louisiana, is opening its doors for "public," which will make it the world's first Christian airline. We guess that means that starting in 2021, you can join the Mile High Club with Jesus, but like not literally with Jesus, because according to the lore, He's not DTF. (But maybe!)

Judah 1, currently based out of Shreveport Regional Airport in Shreveport, Louisiana, has already carried small groups of missionaries to disaster areas and mission fields in its capacity as a private airline.

But look, don't start thinking you can just fly anywhere with Air Jesus. Its CEO Everett Aaron says that "unlike most airlines … that have to have certain schedules that they fly, have to have certain routes. We don't have to do that." Also they appear to still want to fly mostly missionaries, but say missionaries won't have to pay baggage fees. So we guess that's "nice."

[Insert joke about doing the Mile High Club in the "missionary" position here.]

[Insert another joke about actual missionaries doing the Mile High Club here.]

Wonkette kids, but it sounds like Judah 1 does do nice things like take food and medical care to disaster areas. Of course, they also probably stuff their airplanes full of Bibles, to take to disaster areas. And they work with Samaritan's Purse, which is disgusting hypocrite Trump-adorer Franklin Graham's organization.

Oh well anyway, we guess you can make hellbound "Mile High Club" jokes in the comments, since that's literally the only reason we wrote this post, aside from how it is Thanksgiving week and we wanted something we could write 400 words about and be done with it and we're actually not even here today.

And we are now done with it. "Mile High Club with Jesus" LOL we are so naughty.

[Christian Post]

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