Wonkette's 'Be Nice To Congressional Interns Day'


This could be your intern!Some intern for Connecticut congressman John Larson is probably being waterboarded right now for posting some frustration on his Facebook page: "One more constituent screaming at me about health care before lunch would be great. Please? No, the government will not invade your house and force you to accept public health care. But we will take your phone." This is what happens when wingnuts spend all day every day calling their congressperson about whatever they don't like (health care, black people). Let's do something nice for these kids, and America.

Why are all the calls from wingnuts when they make up maybe 25% of the electorate? Here is a clue: It's the same reason why Deadheads used to follow that terrible old band (Phish?) around the country for years at a time -- none of these people work for a living.

So, today or maybe even tomorrow, call your representatives -- your senators, your congresscritter, maybe a couple of Republicans in the House, why not? -- and politely express your support for whatever libtard Nobama stuff you like.

You could say something along these lines:

"Oh hi, what is up, I know you people are just getting so many calls from angry old white people. Just wanted to politely register my support for the Obama health care or whatever's the big deal right now. And I promise not to march on Washington and just make the Metro unbearable. Thanks for interning, we appreciate your free work!"

Here, find your reps' phone numbers, just enter your zip code, easy!


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