Jon Klein, Hero to Most

As fans of duplicitous sniping and small-minded Napoleons, we must applaud CNN honcho Jon Klein's post-Tucker mode, especially as it relates to "com[ing] down more firmly in the Jon Stewart camp." Klein, it turns out, is not interested in "head-butting debate shows" but rather wants to do more "roll-up-your-sleeves storytelling." You know, like having Anderson Cooper interview orphans -- which we look forward to more of, but for now we are enjoying Klein's own performance. Blaming Tucker for "Crossfire's" rote political sucker-punching? Acting as though Stewart's entertaining but inconsequential plea that CNN "stop hurting America" was anything more than whacking at CNN's lowest-hanging fruit? Brilliant. The only way we could admire Klein more is if he was actually the CNN executive who decided to make Tucker and company put on boxing gloves. But hey: At least he sat idly by for show after show while the "Crossfire" hosts mimed enthusiasm for the kind of slap-happy simultaneous monologuing that made the show CNN's fourth-highest-rated program. We don't know how they're going to fill "Crossfire's" slot, but can we suggest that Klein get his own show? He could argue out of both sides of his mouth then fire himself for doubletalk.

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