Jon Stewart: How We Learn Things from Television

The following transcript of "The Daily Show" would seem to lend itself to some kind of "What liberal media" joke, even though those aren't really very funny. But we don't think it proves that the press corps is biased. We just think they're lazy.

CNN: "This is 28 pages from the Republican National Committee. It says, 'Who is Edwards? It starts off by saying a disingenuous, unaccomplished liberal.' We also saw from the Bush-Cheney camp they released talking points to their supporters."
JON STEWART: "Talking points. That's how we learn things. But how will I absorb a talking point like 'Edwards and Kerry are out of the mainstream' unless I get it jack hammered into my skull? That's where television lends a hand."
FOX NEWS: "He stands way out of the main stream."

CNN – Terry Holt, Spokesman for Bush Camp:

" way out of the main stream."

CNN – Communication Director, Bush-Cheney: "He stands so far out of the main stream."

CNN – Lynn Cheney: "He's so out of the main stream."

CNN Terry Holt: "they're out of the main stream."

CNN –Frank Donatelli, GOP Strategist: " . . . well out of the main stream.

JON STEWART: I'm getting a feeling. I think, I think they're out of the main stream. But, what if I wonder why?

CNN – Frank Donatelli: " two of the foremost liberal senators of the US Senate."

CNN – Crossfire: . . ." two of the foremost liberal senators of the US Senate."

MSNBC – Ed Gillespie: . . ." the most liberal rated senator in the US Senate."

HARDBALL – Lynn Cheney: " . . . the most liberal senator of the Senate."

FOX NEWS: " . . . who was rated as the number 1 liberal in the US Senate."

FOX NEWS – Elizabeth Dole: . . ." the number 1 most liberal senator in the US Senate."

JON STEWART: Wow! Those guys are liberals!! In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd say they're the first and fourth most liberal in the whole Senate. Wow! And while we don't have any idea what that means and where those rankings come from and how they were arrived at or whether it's even true, I don't like the sounds of it. And it's certainly not something for the media to question. As a matter of fact, I would imagine people like that, liberal and out of the main stream, hang out in some pretty extreme places.
ABC –This Week – Lindsey Graham: " talking about the hate fest."

CNN: "Hollywood hate fest."

FOX NEWS: ". . . last Thursday night's hate fest."

PAT BOONE: " Radio City Music Hall hate fest.

JON STEWART: "Yeah. See, out of the main stream, liberals, and hate fest. Keeping up with current events is easier than you thing. Talking points: they're true because they're said a lot."

Talking Points [Daily Show transcript via Progressive Review]

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