Jon Stewart Tries To Distract Us From All These Obama Distractions Fox News Is Yelling About


Marshall McLuhan made fewer funny faces, to be sure

Forget comedy; Jon Stewart is quite simply one of our best media critics, a Marshal McLuhan for stoned millennials. On Tuesday's Daily Show, he treated us to his analysis of the pre-Super Bowl interview in which "the most powerful man in the Free World sat down with Obama" for a visit to the "Fox scandal grab bag."

Going after Fox is a Stewart specialty, of course, and he's in fine form in this first act of TDS, with a sparkly collection of clips showing Fox anchors accusing Obama of using nearly every event to "distract" from one scandal or another -- including, of course, the notion that Obama craftily managed to "deflect the spotlight from [his] many scandals by doing an interview about them, right before the most watched event in the history of television."


Doktor Zoom

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