Jon Stewart: Welcome To 'Democalypse 2014: Come On Republicans, Just Go Ahead And Take Over Already'


On the eve of Election Day, The Daily Show previews what Tuesday will probably look like and then reviews the ever-so-rational arguments of the Republican Party:

If you’re looking for rational argument about how best to govern, you have to turn to the Republicans. Our nation’s true statesmen.

The Republicans’ closing arguments can be found in this quite cogent illuminating compendium of their more eloquent and unemotional reposts.

Is there a montage of some of the most extreme ads run by Republicans this election cycle, including one that oh-so-subltly ends with "Vote to keep terrorists off U.S. soil. Vote Republican"? Of course there is! Jon Stewart's conclusion?

Move over, hope and change, and vote for us or get beheaded while pooping blood.

Watch the whole thing. Go on, you know you need the laugh.





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