'What's wrong with lumber? I own two lumberyards.' - WonketteHey everybody, have you heard of the hot new gadget called the "fax machine"? Apparently you can somehow send pieces of paper through the telephone wires, but you've got to really roll the paper up tight so it can fit! That's what Jonah Goldberg thinks, anyway.

One-Two Punch [Jonah Goldberg]

Ow! Quit it! Ow! That can only be the reaction from the Thompson camp in response to the Bob Nova-George Will tag team this morning in the Washington Post (links in NRO web briefing below). Personally, I thought Will's was far more damaging. If I was Romney's press guy I'd be ordering a U-Haul full of Xerox paper so I could spend all day faxing that thing around.

A kind reader of National Review Online then explained to Jonah that you don't actually need a lot of paper to send faxes. It's tough knowing about the world when you've never done any actual fucking work in your entire life -- not even simple office tasks.

Whoever runs the "Evangelicals for Mitt" website has no idea how a fax machine works, either. Didn't you people learn anything from Poppy Bush and his very exciting mythological first trip to the grocery store?

Also, why would Jonah want a U-Haul truck to deliver office paper? Or does he just have no idea what trucks do and assumes a rental moving van is used for all office-supply deliveries?

Also, who the fuck is Bob Nova?

One-two punch [Jonah Goldberg]


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