Jonah Goldberg In Trooooooouble For Loving Obama


Yesterday Jonah Goldberg committed the surf 'n' turf of Republican sins: (1) he posted something on The Corner on Easter Sunday, so Jesus will probably have to kill him, and (2) what he posted waspraise for Barack Obama, the noted communist! Now he is being attacked by some readers and more importantly Rush Limbaugh, who is HUNGWY.

Here is the heresy Jonah committed against everyone yesterday:

Good For President Obama [Jonah Goldberg]

He approved the rescue. It was the right thing to do, with no small amount of risk. And God bless the SEALs.

Whoa whoa whoa. First of all, the timestamp on this post was, "04/12 09:11 PM." Terrorist much?

But look: God will bless whomever He wants. Maybe consult K-Lo next time you mention His name, Jonah. K-Lo knows the shit out of this shit. (Oh right, ha, they are the same person. Nevermind.)

The reaction was predictable:

Obama & the Rescue [Jonah Goldberg]

My morning in-box is full of snark and bile from some folks who think I shouldn't have congratulated President Obama for the rescue last night. It does sound like some of the reports saying he personally ordered the rescue were misleading.

Then APOLOGIZE you fucking socialist.

But you know what? Congratulations anyway. It's good news the captain was rescued; Obama is the commander-in-chief and this happened on his watch; if he were thoroughly Carteresque he would have ordered that the pirates not be harmed, and you can be sure some of the snark-and-bilers would be blaming Obama if this ended badly (and I might have been one of them).

Might as well get a gay abortion at this point, liberal.

And now an update from yet another post about this major scandal shows that Jonah, The Corner's juiciest steak, will be EATED:

Update: Apparrently Rush Limbaugh is attacking me now. Or so say listeners via email.

How dare he not listen to Rush Limbaugh! Jonah is finished.

Good For President Obama [Corner]


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