Jonah Goldberg, K-Lo Write Same Article For Different Websites, Probably Are Having Sex With Each Other


It has happened -- IT! YOU KNOW OF WHAT WE SPEAK. Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Jean Lopez have officially merged to become the ultimate destructo-bot of carnage and murder and death as foretold by ancient prophecy: The Fat Mexican Secretary. For there is currently a column by "Jonah Goldberg" on National Review called "Big Bedfellows," and there is also currently a column by "Kathryn Jean Lopez" on Townhall called "Big Bedfellows," and they're the same article about how they fuck all the time, maybe.


Does The Fat Mexican Secretary's wordsmithery also appear on other Internet weblogs? Perhaps. The Fat Mexican Secretary is also known to shape-shift into a sportier coupe called "Little Green Footballs." Be on the lookout.

BREAKING: Scandal At The Corner Uncovered (Must Credit S,N!) [Sadly, No!]

Thank you to whoever at Sadly, No! made the top image, which is perhaps the greatest image in history.


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