Joni Mitchell To Show Spotify They Won't Know What They've Got Til It's Gone

Joni Mitchell To Show Spotify They Won't Know What They've Got Til It's Gone

A whole bunch of jerks were laughing and laughing yesterday over Barry Manilow supposedly saying that he was joining Neil Young in taking his music off of Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan spreading lies and misinformation about vaccines. This turned out not to be true, and was probably some kind of prank played by someone who has been telling the same jokes since the 1970s, which I assume was the last time that making fun of Barry Manilow was new and original. The goal was likely to try and make it seem like this is something only dorks would do, despite the fact that Neil Young is awesome.

Now, after the Neil Young thing, there were a bunch of "Heart of Gold is a good song, but Spotify isn't going to choose Neil Young over Joe Rogan, because they are almost entirely financially dependent on Joe Rogan" explainers going around. Nevertheless, one other person has said they will follow Young's lead, and that person is Joni Mitchell, who is the best.

On Friday night, Mitchell posted a missive on her website, announcing that she would be taking her music off of Spotify as well, in solidarity with Young and against the misinformation being spread by Rogan.

I’ve decided to remove all my music from Spotify. Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives. I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.

Look, Neil Young is great and everything, but Joni Mitchell is everything. Everyone who is not a heartless monster loves Joni Mitchell. That is just a fact of life that is currently being proven by all of the assholes on social media who are making gross ageist comments about her and Young.

It's very likely that part of the reason Young and Mitchell are both so pro-vaccine is that they both had polio as children, which is why Mitchell tunes her guitar in an unusual way — the disease made her hands weak and has suffered polio-related pain her entire adult life.

Mitchell taking her very substantial catalog and leaving Spotify is a pretty big deal and it's likely that others will follow in her footsteps. Or they should. While it's unlikely that a few artists pulling their catalog from Spotify will change anything, a lot of major artists doing so might spur them to some kind of action.

It seems like there should be a compromise that can be reached, here. People aren't necessarily even that mad about Joe Rogan being terrible and wrong in the way he is usually terrible and wrong they're mad because he's literally putting us all in danger by spreading misinformation about COVID and the vaccine.

I don't know, maybe he could stop doing that? That would be nice. Like, he can take all the Ivermectin he wants at home, pretend VAERS is a reliable source at home, talk to crazy ass doctors who don't believe in vaccines at home, but maybe just not take that act on the road given the fact that he apparently has a very large audience full of equally swift people who tend to do what he says. That seems fair. Because at this point, Spotify is paying him to make us less safe, and that is some bullshit.

This is now your open thread, but I feel obligated to leave you all with my favorite Joni Mitchell song.

All I Want - Joni Mitchell (original)

Fun fact, by the way — if you look up any of Joni's songs on her website, there is a list of everyone who has covered them and there are some interesting surprises there.

[Joni Mitchell]

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