Jordanian Politician Forgets To Bring Human Shields To TV Debate


This weekend, on live TV, Jordanian MP Mohammed Shawabka was debating former MP and political activist Mansur Murad. Name calling ensued. First, Shawabka called Murad a Syrian spy. Which is kind of true. Murad openly supports Syria and is the only Jordanian who has visited Assad and continues to bring delegations to Syria. He also is the guy, in January of 2003, prior to the March 2003 Iraq invasion by US forces, who called for volunteers to come to Iraq to act as human shields against US soldiers and claimed he already had 100,000 volunteers. Nice guy!

In response to Shawabka's insults, Murad called Shawabka an Israeli Mossad agent and a vote-buyer. When Murad said, "May your father be cursed," well, that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. With lightning speed (must not have been wearing tie-up wingtips), Shawabka threw his shoe at Murad and then, for added measure, he pulled a shiny silver gun. In between refereeing, the valiant show host kept glancing off-camera for help but everyone must have been sleeping because the fight continued for quite a while until somebody woke up and switched to show credits. In the end, nobody was hurt, but Murad filed an attempted murder charge against Shawabka.

Where were Murad's 100,000 human shields when he needed them?


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