Josh Duggar Maybe Going To Prison For 19 Years And Counting

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Josh Duggar Maybe Going To Prison For 19 Years And Counting

Josh Duggar, oldest child of the nastyass fundamentalist Duggar clown car family of Northwest Arkansas, has been convicted by an Arkansas jury of his peers on two counts of child pornography, both receiving and possessing. He could go to prison for up to 20 years for each, as well as face fines of up to $250,000 a pop. No Jesus peener rehab or Christian construction therapy for Josh this time!

When Duggar was arrested on the charges, it turned some stomachs when they realized that Josh and Anna Duggar, his wife who has stayed with him all this time — even back when all the news came out about how he had molested several minor children including his own sisters — had just announced the impending arrival of their seventh child. That seventh child, Madyson Lily, was born several weeks ago.

Of course, back in 2015 when Duggar admitted to all the molestation, he had to resign from the Family Research Council, an SPLC-designated anti-LGBT hate group. We're sure they'll have a lot to say about the continued adventures of their erstwhile family values golden boy. Those types always do when these things happen, and these things happen all the time with fundamentalist family values types.

Ooh, maybe it will be the woke mob's fault!

We confess we didn't pay very close attention to the Duggar trial. We know it was revealed that he had around 200 child porn images, depicting kids as young as five. We know a close family friend, Bobye Holt, testified this week that Duggar had confessed many years ago to molesting multiple young girls.

And we know that the credibility of one of the defense's so-called expert witnesses completely fell apart after she testified that Josh Duggar could have been HE WUZ FRAMED, and that somebody else could have planted the pictures remotely. Whar her credibility go?

[Michele] Bush acknowledged to prosecutors that the 10 years of experience she claimed as a forensic computer analyst included time as a college student, KNWA-TV reported.

Bush told the defense that she had testified numerous times in court as an expert witness. But when challenged by prosecutor William Clayman on how many times she had testified in a federal criminal court case, she first said she would have to check her resumé, then admitted under follow-up questioning that the Duggar case might be her first, the station reported.

So that's cool.

The last time we checked in with this story, we were reading some pathetic-ass blubbering from Jim Bob Duggar, the loser who raised Josh and who is currently running as a Republican — duh — for the Arkansas state Senate, about the liberal Left doing cancel culture to his poor family. We can only imagine how many decibels his bellyaching will reach now that his perv son has been convicted.

Oh well, all this couldn't be happening to more fine, upstanding people. God bless.

[ABC News]

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