First they put the White House press corps in a trailer.

And now the toilet is clogged.

What do the reporters who work closest to President Bush on a daily basis have in common with refugees from Hurricane Katrina?

-Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune White House correspondent.

Hostage Crisis, Day 2

Once again, I report to you -- regrettably -- that the US Airways militants continue to hold my beloved blue bag hostage, with no word of when they will return it or any of the other thousands of bags it has decided to kidnap.

-Jake Tapper, ABC News' Senior National Correspondent

The wife of a New Zealand cameraman kidnapped by Palestinian gunman along with a U.S. television reporter appealed in Gaza on Wednesday for their release, saying their abduction was pointless.

Cameraman Olaf Wiig and Fox News Channel reporter Steve Centanni, an American, were seized by masked gunmen on Monday in Gaza City. No one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.


[via FishbowlDC]


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