Joy Reid Rips Trump Pastor A New Shithole For Hating Dirty UnAmerican Poors

On yesterday's edition of AM JOY, Pastor Mark Burns attempted to defend Trump calling all AIDS infested non-white Not America places "shithole countries" by shouting misinterpreted Bible passages over Joy Reid. As usual, Burns came off looking like A Idiot.

Burns tried to cast doubt that Trump referred to El Salvador, Haiti, and Africa, as "shithole countries," stating that there were some Republicans in the room who "denied" it. In response, Reid quoted a joint statement from Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue who yesterday said they didn't really remember what Trump said "specifically," but "he did call out" the shitty, racially-handicapped and freedom challenged poors. Reid then noted Trump's White House hasn't denied it, and that Lindsey Graham even confirmed it.

Burns went on to say that all these shithole countries are corrupt because Hillary Clinton emailed them hundreds of millions dollars to bomb their sick and tired huddled masses, and that the Bible says you need to fix your own shithole before you fix your neighbors.

This triggered a good old fashion Jesus jousting match with Reid reminding Burns that the Bible also talks about helping widows and orphans. When she tried to get Burns to justify sending poors back to their shitholes -- even though Jesus thinks that's a dick move, Burns began ranting about black people, the NFL, and "white liberals" invading America.

From there whole thing spiraled your typical cable news shouting match until Reid was like, "Fuck this, it's my show."

Reid: "I'm going to give you one more chance to answer my question, and then we're going to be done here because you're actually wasting my time when you talk over me and don't answer my question."

Burns: Joy, you're wasting my time when you're not talking about Americans.

"Oh, well then, If I'm wasting your time, then goodbye."

Burns then ran to his safespace and bitched on Twitter about how Joy Reid hates America, and should just move to a shithole country and marry it she loves it so much.

Since she was still on the air when Burns started mean tweeting, Reid called him out AGAIN by citing another hippy Jesus passage, quoting John 3:18 ,"'Let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and in truth' and that is what I'm doing when I'm concerned about the people of the world."

Burns is a member of Trump's gay hatin' and money loving God squad, the Presidential Evangelical Advisory Board. It's loaded with wealthy megachurch creeps, grifty tax cheats, Trump surrogates, and Michelle Bachmann. These folks will say whatever they have to since Trump gave all their churches a massive tax break in the Trump/Ryan tax cuts (for the super rich).

Back in 2016, Burns tried to defend Trump's racist campaign trail tirades only to have his shithole ripped apart by Mika Brzezinski in full ladysplain mode. A few weeks later, CNN HILARIOUSLY caught him lying about huge chunks of his bio, including his military service record and college degree (or lack thereof), prompting Burns to walk out of the interview that was held in his own church.

It's obvious why people let Burns on their show: his ridiculously incompetent rants and lies provide a never ending source of material for people to ridicule and mock him. If I  were church folk I might pray to save Pastor Burns from himself, but as a man of science I'd rather watch him crash and burn.

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