Very distinguishedDon't plan on leaving Washington this week on any skiing trips out West if you're George Bush's lawyer because it turns out that Christmas is your new busy season! Fresh from a blow by federal courts just yesterday, today brought another setback for President Waterboard. District Judge Henry Kennedy (of the Rhode Island Kennendys? Anyone know?) apparently ruled way back in 2005 that the Bush admin should not, you know, destroy tapes and stuff that related to prisoner (mis)treatment and guess what? For some odd reason, he thinks they might have!

Kennedy, undeterred by a request by the Justice Department not to look into the tapes thing because, you know, it might jeopardize their own ongoing investigation of whether or not the sky is blue, scheduled a hearing at the behest of lawyers for Gitmo detainees. Yes, that's right! Some of them have lawyers now. Better get to shredding you folks over there at the OEOB! You may only have a year left on the job, but the prisoners at Gitmo have a lifetime to bring cases against you!

-- Greg Wasserstrom

[Photo courtesy of Beverly Rezneck]

Judge orders hearing on destroyed CIA videos [AP]


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