Judy Miller in Limbo

The New York Observer reports that talks between Judy Miller and the New York Times over her employment status at the paper have stalled. The sticking point is her desire to publish an op-ed in the paper to "rebut" her colleague-critics (Dowd, Keller, Calame). As our shallow sibling points out, it's unclear whether she's demanding to have the op-ed space or else she'll leave, or demanding it or else she'll stay. Obviously, the latter is the more potent threat, but we wonder why the Times is reluctant. It's not like they're very picky about who appears on their op-ed page to begin with. (Of course, the Unabomber wrote about real bombs.) In any case, we say, let her have her say. Put it another way: Give her enough rope.

Miller's Times Return Delayed [NYO]

Today in Judy: Is This Thing On? [Gawker]


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