Torturing Arabs is fun! - WonketteIs there any evil shit that doesn't feature a performance by Judith Miller?

Anthrax attacks that coincide with her book release, jailhouse visits from Scooter Libby, advance knowledge of 9/11, giving Chalabi a running front-page space in the NYT ... is she old enough to blame for Pearl Harbor, too? (Close enough --Ed.)

There was another pathetic defeat in the American War On Terror last week, when Patrick Fitzgerald's convictions of a former Harvard professor and a Chicago grocer were overturned by a federal jury. The men could've been sentenced to life in prison for collecting money for Palestinian charities (you know, terrorism!) but will likely avoid jail altogether. Learn how Judy Miller testified on behalf of ... Mossad, after the jump.

(And yes, that's the same Patrick Fitzgerald who jailed Judy Miller as part of the Scooter Libby investigation, proving once again that Washington should be restored to uninhabited swampland as soon as possible.)

The Justice Department case against Abdelhaleem Ashqar and Muhammad Salah was considered such a big deal in the "War On Terror" that John Ashcroft himself announced the prosecution in a press conference on live teevee. Unfortunately for the DoJ, juries can no longer be convinced that financial support of a stateless people is a crime -- and even the testimony of Mossad torture agents (under false names, of course) can't change that now.

In Friday's Washington Post coverage, there's a nice bonus story about the Mossad's very special guest during Muhammad Salah's torture and interrogation in Israel.

The Hamas prosecution also featured another central player in the Libby saga: former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who testified on behalf of prosecutors in Chicago about an Israeli interrogation session with Salah that she witnessed in the early 1990s.

Salah and his attorney argued that much of the evidence against him, including a confession, should be disregarded because it was obtained under torture when he was in Israeli custody. Miller testified that she saw no evidence of mistreatment when she witnessed an interrogation of Salah and -- in an unprecedented twist for a U.S. courtroom -- two Israeli interrogators testified under aliases that Salah was treated well.

Next week, Judy's gonna personally nuke Iran.

Two Men Acquitted of Conspiracy To Fund Hamas Activities in Israel [WaPo]


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