Judy Miller's Tangled Web Access

Not only has Judy Miller gone to jail to defend First Amendment rights of reporters, but in a bitter irony, free speech now constitutes one of her principal punishments. Five weeks of confinement have left her suffering the effects of blogosphere withdrawal. Here's Lucy A. Dalglish of the Reporters Committee on the Freedom of the Press describing a recent Miller visiting day to Newsday's James T. Madore:

"I know what's bothering her more than anything is she cannot read the Internet. ... People are telling her about some allegations about her that are in the blogosphere and she has no way to fight back," Dalglish said, referring to blogs, or Web journals.

Ye Gods. Who's going to have the heart to tell Miller about all the great home refinance deals and bulk Viiagra purchases she's mising out on?

No Backing Down for Jailed Reporter [Newsday]


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