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Hey, here is a nice thing for you to look at, in your afternoon open thread, where you are allowed to talk about whatever you want in the comments all night long. Sunday night at the SAG Awards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus took home the Best Actress in a Comedy award for her performance in "Veep," a show about how she is the lady veep and then president of America, #spoiler, and her character's name is DEFINITELY not Mike Pence OR "President" Trump. First, she did a hilarious Trump impression about how even if the SAG Awards voting was totally rigged by the Russians, SHE is the winner, it was a LANDSLIDE win, and she deserves this!

Then she pivoted real fast and talked about how her own father escaped religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France, how she's a proud American, and how Trump's #MuslimBan is a bunch of hateful, bigoted bullshit.

Just another reminder of all the ways people are resisting Trump and his inhumane administration. What are YOU doing to resist Trump? And also are you practicing self-care? You need to be doing both.

OK, watch your happy nice time video, then do whatever you do in open threads, which is probably sexual.

Evan Hurst

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