Julian Assange Out On Bail; Let's Look At His Weird E-mails To a 19-Year-Old

Julian Assange Out On Bail; Let's Look At His Weird E-mails To a 19-Year-Old

Julian Assange has finally been released on bail, LADIEZ. Who wants to buy him some train tickets and condoms he may not use? All of you? Keith Olbermann?Yes. The man has a whole castle to himself, one full of rustic objects with which to hold you down, if that is your sort of thing. Meanwhile, Gawker has published some e-mails an Australian woman received from Julian Assange in 2004, when she was 19 and he was already a white-haired weirdo. (Gawker paid her in pure, uncut Vegemite, probably.) "There was something unusual about our interaction," he wrote in one. "It is almost as if I had scripted it and left my fingerprints in the ink." Transparently hott!

They chatted until the bar closed, and Assange walked Elizabeth back to the small town where she lived with her parents. Walking down a small country road, Assange kissed Elizabeth. She wasn't particularly thrilled by this development, but it didn't put her off too much either. "It was like, fine, whatever," Elizabeth said. "He wasn't creepy about it, and he didn't try anything weird."

But then he was really creepy about it, somehow finding her parents' phone number and calling her when she repeatedly ignored him. And then he tried to charm her by letting her know he knew the make and license-plate number of her car, which he put in a riddle.

Finally, he ended with a flourish:

President Obama is probably feeling hurt right now, because Julian Assange just sent him this exact same e-mail.

When will Julian Assange leak to us every e-mail he's ever sent out, for the betterment of freedom and free information? These messages are entertaining, if a bit sad. Just like American politics! [NYT/Gawker]


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