Julian Assange Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Demon Who'll Murder Us All, Unlike That Nice Mr. Putin

It feeds, Scully. IT FEEDS.

Julian Assange is very unhappy with the lying American media, which he accused Wednesday of being in the tank for Hillary Clinton, who also happens to be a demon who'll murder us all after the media get her elected. We learn so much while writing this little mommyblog!

“The American liberal media is falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton,” he told The New York Times during a Facebook video interview Wednesday.

“[They are] erecting a demon who is going to put nooses around everyone’s necks as soon as she wins this election, which she is almost certainly going to do.”

With votes, presumably. We aren't 100% sure, but it seems to us this Julian Assange fellow is starting to sound just a little bit like Alex Jones, no?

Assange is particularly angry that the media believes the Clinton campaign's assertions that Wikileaks has been receiving its purloined DNC and Clinton campaign files from Russia, just because US intelligence sources and cybersecurity experts also say Russian intelligence services are the most likely source.

“[It’s] that attempted reframing by Hillary Clinton, to declare media organizations that are publishing material that shows illicit behavior in the [Democratic National Committee] to fix the election for her, as somehow being Russian agents,” he said.

“Her campaign has effectively called, or maybe even directly called Donald Trump, the opposition leader in this case, a Russian agent,” Assange added of the GOP’s presidential nominee.

"Donald Trump, the opposition leader." We like that -- sounds like he's a brave freedom fighter in a third-world autocracy (yes, yes, more-leftist-than-thou purists, the USA already is an oppressive dystopia, we know). Maybe Trump should get a beret. Good lord -- maybe he's trying to grow one.

In reference to another enemy of the Clinton Junta, Assange added,

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, the fourth candidate effectively in terms of numbers, has also been called a Russian agent. This is a neo-McCarthyist hysteria.

We haven't called Jill Stein that, we're pretty sure, but we do like the idea that suddenly anyone who's concerned about a foreign government trying to influence an American election is Joe Fucking McCarthy -- or that the hyper crony capitalist kleptocracy that is the modern Russia is being redbaited for being too lefty.

In any case, Assange says, Russia is no big. Seriously, Vladimir Putin may be murdering a few journalists and political enemies, and cracking down on freedom of speech, but that's all internal stuff, nothing for anyone outside Russia to worry about:

“Any serious analyst understands that China and the United States are the only real games in town,” he said. "China has ten times the population of Russia, seven times the GDP. Russia has the GDP of Italy.

“Of course, within its own neck of the woods, countries in between Russia and China, the Caucasus and so on, of course, Russia is very significant to them. On the world stage, Russia’s a bit player.”

So what's a little hacking, really? Not that any of Wikileaks's documents came from Russia, don't be ridiculous, you McCarthyite witch hunter. Don't you care that Hillary Clinton is going to put a noose around our necks the minute the lamestream media gets her elected?

The New York Times published an article Wednesday critical of Assange, suggesting that recent Wikileaks releases have -- intentionally or not -- been rather helpful to Russian foreign policy goals. Assange dismissed the article as nothing more than a "conspiracy theory" full of innuendo and McCarthyism, and said,

“The only hard news in the article is that ‘American officials say Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks probably have no direct ties to Russian intelligence services,” Assange wrote, quoting the article’s subhead.

Which is true enough -- the government hasn't accused Assange of having connections to Russia, or said openly that the DNC and Clinton campaign hacks were done by Russia. It's just that virtually all the experts in the intelligence and cybersecurity business say they're pretty sure the hacks came from Russia, and the information was then sent to Wikileaks's secure inbox. But that's exactly what you'd expect from the Powers That Be, now isn't it?

We simply don't know what to think about all this. We're just going to have to wait to see what USA SUPREME has to say about it. They're the only source we trust anymore.

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