Smoke gets in your eyesRep. Duncan Hunter (Junior), Republican congressheir of San Diego, is already a star for vaping in the Congressional chamber like a don't-give-no-shits bro. But he may be about to get famous the old-fashioned way: for having to take out a HELOC on his house to pay back his congressional campaign for more than $60,000-worth oftotally campaign-related expenses like:

  • A nail salon
  • $217 at a jewelry store in Italy marked as "food and beverage"
  • $1200 for a garage door
  • $361 at a surf and skateboard shop
  • $229 at a Disneyland gift shop
  • and $1400 to "the Cardiff-by-the-Sea restaurant that delivers lunches to the El Cajon private school attended by Hunter’s children."

Plus, you know, another fifty-five thousand dollars worth of Costco and Jack in the Box and a dentist and oral surgeon and God only knows what else.

You will be relieved to know Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr. never meant to hurt you, never meant to make you cry; it's just that his wife, Margaret, a multitalented woman who is both an art therapist and his paid campaign manager, mixed up the credit cards $59,000-worth of times! The little lady no longer has access to the charge cards. WOMEN! AND SHOOOZ!

No no no, says Hunter spokesman Joe Kasper, it was all TOTALLY LEGITIMATE, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK. But just to be on the safe side, Hunter took out a home loan to pay back all the "questionable" items, like the $2000 spent touring "the Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Positano during Thanksgiving week in 2015."

How do you know that wasn't campaign-related, HENGHHH?

Anything else pertinent, San Diego Union Tribune?

Hunter has been widely reported as a contender for Secretary of Defense or National Security Adviser in Trump’s administration. [...]

Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who is leading the transition, had his own issues with personal spending of campaign money during an unsuccessful run for Congress in 1990. He used about $12,000 in campaign funds to pay his mortgage, credit cards, groceries, car payments and golf tournament fees, according to The Washington Post.

Got it.


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Anyway, it is time to count down your top ten stories. You will notice that in this post there is a video of Wonkette Toddler at the lake doing lake things, and also a picture of Rebecca's Very Good Dogs watching their favorite movie, which is Wonkette Toddler eating a sandwich (above). Please enjoy these things.

OK, top ten!

Stories chosen by Beyoncé, as per usual:

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So there you go. Those are your top ten most clicked upon stories, according to Beyoncé. They are very good stories!

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As promised, kid pic and video from LAKE TIME:

OK that's all.

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