Jury Selection Process Will Probably Do Sarah Palin's Quitting For Her


Sarah Palin's incomprehensible hillbilly stardom to the rescue: quit-monster loser Palin will not have to find a way to also "randomly decide to abandon" her jury duty service halfway through just to keep her perfect quit record after recently leaving behind her One Nation bus tour and her trip to Sudan, because the mere fact of her being in the courtroom will probably create too much of a distraction for proceedings to take place:

The jury procedure in Alaska is to send jury duty notices to a small army of people. They are given a pool number. If their pool number is called, they are to report to the court house to await possible selection to a jury.

It is rare to get picked, and a half-dozen attorneys queried by Alaska Dispatch said that they would immediately move to waive Palin if she was actually called to sit on a jury.

As one of them put it, no one would want to bring to the courtroom the circus that seems to follow in the wake of the former Alaska governor these days.

[Alaska Dispatch]


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