Just Biding Our Time Until We Find Josh Duggar's Grindr At This Point. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Coming soon to a town near you, but Sarah Palin won't be there. OR WILL SHE?

Hey Wonkers! We had a big week! Did YOU have a big week in your job? Just kidding, this post is not about you. Did you hear the big news about how Editrix Becca invested in a Winnebago for the Wonkette, so we can do onsite "journalism" at the Iowa caucuses and the Republican convention and wherever else news is happening? Or wherever else we decide to do drinky things. We are going to do ALL the activities, and you should be very excited.

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Oh gosh, how did this baby picture get here, right after a paragraph asking for donations?

Okay, here are the top ten stories of the week, chosen as usual by science. Maybe you are reading them for the first time, or maybe you just really like reading about Josh Duggar's penis over and over again, because you're weird.

1. Your winner for the week, of course, is the fateful afternoon we all found out how Josh Duggar is a gross cheater with an Ashley Madison account, on top of the other ways he is gross.

2. And number two, of course, is Duggar's NOT-pology, about how the porn demons forced him to put his wee willy up inside the strange ladies.

3. Oh here is a different thing! It is about Ted Cruz being a cruel, disgusting asshole, this time to yr beloved Jimmy Carter.

4. Back to your regularly scheduled Duggars. Right before all the yucky Breaking Duggar Penis News, there were these rumors about how God had a new plan for the Duggars to get rich on the TV. We were skeptical at the time, and we are even more skeptical now.

5. Donald Trump, who owns everything but a mirror, called Heidi Klum ugly. You learn things like this by reading Maureen Dowd, even though you really don't wanna.

6. Bristol Palin is not amused by you, internet.

7. Pig man Mike Huckabee thought it would be a cool idea to lecture Jewish Israelis IN THEIR HOMELAND. It didn't go well!

8. Oh, and remember how Mike Huckabee said those vicious terrible things about how "aw sad" it is for little girls to have to birth their rape babies, but anyway, no abortion for you? That story didn't quite make the top ten, but Editrix Becca unleashing hell on Huckabee, explaining exactly why little girls are not equipped to have ANY babies, did.

9. Oh look, it is another conservative Christian fame whore with an Ashley Madison account! God already forgave Sam Rader, so it's all cool.

10. And finally, Carly Fiorina made the top ten, at least on Wonkette, for a story about how bad she sucks! Don't think we have any delegates to offer at the Republican convention, though. Sorry, Carly :(

So there you go, Wonkers. Those are some good stories about Josh Duggar's gross body, and also about other things!

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