This boy is innocent as hell

Houston, we have a problem!!! And unfortunately for black people, it’s the same problem we have been dealing with since Reconstruction, when some “very fine people” decided that lynching black people would keep them from getting too uppity.

Recently, 13-year-old Houston resident Zavion Parker found himself in a situation that mothers of young black men have feared since long before Mamie Till forced the nation to view the body of her son Emmett in an open casket. Zavion says he was taken captive by a group of young white men who were intent on doing to him what had been done to so many others before: murdering him. Perhaps they thought Zavion was being “uppity” or “arrogant” when he stepped off of his school bus, or maybe they were just racist bastards who are too dangerous to be walking the streets. So, in Trump lingo, they were some “very fine people,” aka Nazis.

When her sixth grader did not show up home after school, Michelle Lee was understandably concerned and she contacted authorities. Hours later, her son turned up with torn clothes and scratches, and was missing his phone, coat, shoes, and keys. As far as Zavion and his mother are concerned, he is lucky to be alive. The story he tells is a chilling reminder of the sordid history of anti-black violence in our nation. It’s a tale of racist tattoos, kidnapping, assault, threats, terrorism, and possibly murder. So, it's a classic American Tale. And we have barely scratched the surface.

From Crooks and Liars:

He said he had been forced into a van by 5 white men who took him to a cabin filled with guns and what he described as torture devices. When he asked why they took him, they told him it was because he was Black. His mother, Michelle Lee, began receiving threatening text messages from his phone during these hours, saying the next time she saw him he'd be dead.

What the holy fuck? How the hell is this shit still happening in 2018? This sounds like the movie Get Out had a baby with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Not only did these out of control “economic anxiety” people terrorize a little boy, but did they really have to call his MOTHER and terrorize her too? Well, terrorists are gonna terrorist, and these white supremacists are certainly terrorists by normal standards. This is all majorly fucked up, but guess what? It gets EVEN MORE FUCKED UP. How could this possibly be? Well, Zavion apparently reported that he saw three bodies in the cabin. Not one. Not two. But three. He was not trying to be body number four. When his six attackers left the room together, he saw his chance and got the fuck out of there and ran down the street.

Now before people start thinking that maybe this will be a case where a kid was making shit up because he was doing something he shouldn't be doing, we can end that speculation right now. Carmecia Carmouche was driving down the street when she saw him running away from the area where he was assaulted and held hostage. She, along with Zavion and his mother, managed to lead the authorities back to the cabin where they found shell casings, weapons, and a chair. This is not a “cry for help” or black people making shit up. This is an attempted Neo-Lynching.

On the Twitter thread by Erica Simon, who is reporting on this case for ABC 13, we find out some scary details. Like the THREE BODIES of black people he says he saw lying on the floor in that cabin they took this child to.

When we add that to the shell casings, weapons and chair found, it looks like Zavion Parker may have not only escaped torture, he may have escaped certain death.

He describes his attackers as having reddish hair (are they all related?) and they are young adults 16-17 years old, except for the driver, who was apparently a grown ass man who likes to drive around and snatch up kids, so, please beware. Give your black children “the talk” but make sure to let them know that it’s not only cops they need to be afraid of; they need to watch out for Jim Crow too. It never went away. Apparently Jim Crow drives pick up trucks and snatches little boys up to murder in the year 2018. It almost seems like maybe we have a white supremacy problem.

It seems like every time we turn around we have a new case of things black people can’t do for fear they might get shot by the cops, but lately, we are seeing more and more incidents where citizens are the danger. Black people can’t get lost on the way to school, eat at Waffle House, go golfing, take a nap, have a BBQ at the park, or anything else really, without it becoming a problem. This time, however, it is difficult to find the humor, or meme the incident; this time, we see the sick underbelly of racism, and we are sick with fear. Hug your kids, America. Shit has gotten scary.

[AtlantaBlackStar/ and Liars/TheRoot]

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Wonderbitch is an extremely literate and angry black woman who likes to write things about many things. You can find her dishing out hot takes on Twitter @bravenakblog, or pretending to finish up her History Degree in her spare time.

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