Justice Dept. Official Is Government Telework Pioneer!

So much more relaxing to disenfranchise black people from here!

If there's one thing the American people want, it's for government to be run more like a business. Yet the Feds' organizational practices are constantly falling behind the times, causing many talented official to leave for plum jobs in the private sector. But Susana Lorenzo-Giguere, acting deputy director of the Justice Department's civil rights division, took a different tack. She decided that she'd demonstrate just how much work she could get done -- from the beach!

Lorenzo-Giguere, who last captured attention for defending her department's tendencies to focus on (possibly Republican) disenfranchised Latinos rather than (almost certainly not Republican) disenfranchised blacks, had some departmental business up in the New England office. But rather than do her work in some stuffy office in Boston, she realized that she could be much more productive hanging out with her family at their Cape Cod beach home. And proving that she was working smarter and harder, she slaved away over her laptop (and collected her taxpayer-funded per diem) on weekends and on the Fourth of July! Some jealous whiny-pants in the Boston office has gotten her in trouble with the department's creepily named Office of Professional Responsibility, claiming that no work at all was happening outside the offfice; but as bloggers who work unshaved, unshowered, and unbowed, we salute Ms. Lorenzo-Giguere for shaking things up in the world of government staffing.

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