Justin Amash: Congressdork By Day, Streetfighting Dork By Night

Congressman Justin Amash is feelin' feisty! He's calling for Donald Trump's impeachment since he actually read the Mueller Report and isn't a liarfuckingliar like the rest of his GOP colleagues.

And yesterday, Amash voted with the Democrats on the OversightCommittee to hold Attorney General Bill Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents on the Census.

He's quitting the house Freedom Caucus, because when he said he believed in limited government and the rule of law, he actually meant it. Amash failed to read the fine print that said, "These holy principles do not apply when a Republican holds the White House."

A Republican who actually believes what he says? And not in that Rand Paul very-serious-objections-unless-my-party-doesn't-have-the-votes-in-which-case-I'm-cool-with-it way? THAT'S WEIRD.

For his impudence -- Integrity? How very dare he! -- Amash has lost the support of his colleagues, and, perhaps more importantly for his 2020 reelection prospects, the big money spigot seems to be drying up. Betsy DeVos, whose billionaire family is a major player in Michigan politics, is packing up her Amway swag and going home.

"Family members have expressed increasing concerns about a lack of representation for their district, the 3rd Congressional, and I would say an inability to advance efforts connected to important policy matters," DeVos spokesman Nick Wasmiller told The Detroit News.

Poppy Trump is piiiissed about the eleventy Amash Twitter threads laying out in exquisite detail Trump's high crimes, misdemeanors, and gross ethical violations.

Amash has picked up a serious Republican challenger, Michigan state Rep. Jim Lower, who literally carpetbagged himself into Amash's district just to challenge him. Which just might work, since (very) early polling show's Amash trailing Lower with Republican primary voters. And now Don Jr. is heading to Michigan to avenge this dastardly slight to his daddy.

Literally hours earlier, Lower had tweeted, "Exactly, don't believe the polls. They are always biased and never give the full picture." But that was then, and this is Deej. Although, the Large Adult Son does have quite the fleshy underbelly for poking.

OUCH. Well, we at Wonkette wish Lower all the best. We hope that Don Jr. can do for him what he did for John James, and Matt Rosendale, and Lou Barletta, and Kris Kobach, and ... Anyway, best of luck, little buddy.

[WaPo / Detroit News]

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Liz Dye

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