K-Lo: Blago's Corruption Stems From His Liberal 'Pro-Choice' Position


We already knew thatNational Review Online editor and former secretary Kathryn Jean Lopez was proud of America when the Blagojevich scandal broke because (a) it was simple enough for her to understand and (b) it didn't involve queers. In her column today, however, she offers even more trenchant insight regarding Blago's conscience -- why he didn't have one, so to speak. Perhaps a childhood tragedy left him scarred? Perhaps "narcissistic personality disorder," which is a medical disease? Perhaps lingering depression? Simple greed? Please. A writer of K-Lo's caliber need not engage such ridiculous psychological dalliances. The point is that Blago is evil because he loves abortion, much like the Democrats.

Not only is Blagojevich pro-choice, but he's pushed for policies that are also pro-choice -- a clear violation of the public trust -- did anyone give him a mandate for this? -- and now all women in Illinois are running around the streets killin' babies like it's the Fourth of freakin' July:

In his profane and selfish ranting, Blagojevich provides the perfect example of a keeper of the public trust whose sense of responsibility has utterly vanished. Power corrupts, especially in Illinois, it would seem, where, even Chicago residents will admit, jail is beginning to look like a rite of passage for the state’s governors (this, boys and girls, is what we mean by “Chicago politics”).

A hat tip to the website, without which I might not have seen this gem: “In 2005 the governor issued an executive order forcing all pharmacists in the state to fill prescriptions for the abortifacient morning after pill. He boasted in a 2006 interview, ‘Rather than try to get the legislature to pass something — because we attempted to and they didn’t do it — on my own, through executive order action, I forced these guys to fill prescriptions for birth control for women who come in with prescriptions from their doctors.’”


How’s that for leadership to be proud of? This is a case of government compulsion on an issue that public officials should not take lightly: freedom of conscience concerning matters that many Americans — including some pharmacists — consider life and death.

Don't worry, K-Lo, the pro-life pharmacists themselves won't be forced to take any morning after pills.

Wait a second, what does "conscience" even mean? Is that a WORD? Sounds kinda French in any event... Ahhhh, thank God, K-Lo defines "conscience" for us!

Merriam-Webster defines conscience as “the sense . . . of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good.”

With this definition in our proverbial quiver, we can go back and read the previous paragraphs, and maybe then we'll understand what the hell she could possibly be babbling about.

Conscience Pause [National Review]

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