K-Lo Did Not Have A Good Time At WHCD

We mentionedearlier that we saw staunch "Reagan Conservative" and National Review marm Kathryn Jean Lopez at a pre-WHCD cocktail party, where she looked uncomfortable, what with all the homosexuals sipping the Devil's Vinegar and all. Unlike your Wonkette, however, K-Lo stayed for the dinner portion, where she saw the various blacks make 9/11 jokes to an appreciative liberal media audience all cackling like sadists and jumping on tables left and right to perform partial-birth abortions and play frisbee with the bloody mutilated fetuses while sucking each others' gay-married cocks and pooping on pictures of Ronald Reagan and the Pope before injecting white children with the AIDS cancer and science juice.

Now don't get too libtard apologisty, people, okay, because Wanda Sykes' jokes about wanting to kill drug-addicted terrorist Rush Limbaugh with kidney failure were over-the-top for the dinner, and not even funny, or original, or purposeful in any way. The lefty Internet has been responding to her critics with the same line today that, "Well, hello, Rush Limbaugh has made far more vulgar jokes," which is true, but he isn't speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner in front of the president on national teevee. Wanda Sykes can take some criticism, but not much, because who wants to talk about "Wanda Sykes" for much longer?

BUT STILL, K-Lo is insane. She hates Barack Obama! (Ha ha your associate editor has not seen any of his speech -- did he joke about throwing his kids into the World Trade Center or something?)

But even the children were not left out of the jokes. President Obama used his daughters to make light of Air Force One’s Lower Manhattan flyover. Before Saturday night, there was no better visual symbol of this administration’s September 10 policy blindness. Air Force One might as well have been flying a banner that read “We Don’t Get It.” Obama’s joke about the incident could be considered the banner.


But Sykes wasn’t the core problem, as tasteless and awful as her jokes were. I keep going back to Sasha and Malia. The president used his daughters, two days after he let one of his staff take the fall for his administration’s use of everyone in Lower Manhattan and along the Hudson River on a clear morning as a prop in the Obama show. Nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered on a day not unlike that one, and his administration needlessly freaked out those who witnessed it. And he’s laughing.


Somehow Dick Cheney, who continues to stand athwart unseriousness yelling “Stop,” is the enemy. Somehow Rush Limbaugh, conservative stalwart, the embodiment of capitalist success, a man who has struggled with adversity with an inspiring humility, is someone we’re to disdain so much as to laugh at the prospect of his kidneys’ failing. Somehow we are supposed to be pining for one of the nastiest men on television to do something that everyone laughing at the joke presumably considers torture to Sean Hannity, who, agree with him or not, is the happiest of warriors compared with Keith Olbermann.

When the Air Force did its terrible flight test over New York, our headline was "Obama Attacks Statue of Liberty." K-Lo seems to think that this was true, and can't understand why America would blame Dick Cheney when it was *Barack Obama* who flew his plane into New York buildings, again.

And on Saturday night, Barack Obama farted on 9/11.

No Laughing Matter [National Review via TNR]


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