K-Lo: There Is Pornography Literally Everywhere, In My Inbox


National Review's Catholic Mexican secretary Kathryn Jean "Jonah Goldberg" Lopez has a problem with her Internets, specifically that oh we don't know maybe LUCIFER has control of it? "Access to porn is probably in your e-mail account’s inbox right now. You’re probably used to just manually erasing it as spam or setting up automated filters to block it out, but you know it’s out there in a big way. What are you going to do?" Maybe you can stop *accepting* those offers, K-Lo, and masturbate to the nearest peeling beige wall instead, like "Real America" does.

Guess who K-Lo blames for filthy liberal pornography being in and out and all over her inbox? Hint: not the private sector.

The question about the government is revealing. Pornographers can dismiss this, but corporations know there is harm done by porn, even if it’s just to productivity. According to one 2007 survey, 65 percent of corporations use porn-detecting software. Divorce lawyers, clergy, and therapists can tell you the damaging role it’s playing in the married and unmarried lives of American couples.

The question about government is also, of course, alarming — to anyone who cares about freedom and the future of the Internet. Furthermore, as it affects our children and our families, it is a cultural copout of a solution.

Blah blah blah WHAT? What is this Mexican even saying? "...Corporations know there is harm done by porn, even if it’s just to productivity." Yes well K-Lo the corporations don't want their employees shootin' loads all over their desks and each other and their shareholders during the workday! (Although maybe that would increase productivity, later?)

Anyway, pornography is Barack Obama's fault.

Smoking Is Out, Porn Is In [National Review]


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