Kamala Harris Is Dropping Out, And That Makes Us Sad

California Senator Kamala Harris is dropping out of the Democratic primary. That makes us sad. She wasn't the only candidate we liked, but she was one of the candidates we liked, and the primary was better with her in it.

Primaries change a lot -- especially now that they are one million years long -- and they change fast. Harris saw this firsthand, as she kicked off her campaign with a 20,000-strong rally in Oakland, and for quite a while there seemed like she might be one of the ones to beat. She got a huge bump this summer after going toe-to-toe with Joe Biden over busing in that one debate, which had the side effect of launching Maya Rudolph into a "Saturday Night Live" guest role we will miss just about as much as we miss having Harris in the race. Later on, in another debate, Tulsi Gabbard hit Harris with a disingenous and dishonest yet well-rehearsed and well-delivered attack on her record as San Francisco DA and California attorney general. It did some damage, but to be honest, Harris's numbers had slipped quite a lot by then, and her fundraising slipped accordingly.

With Harris's exit, the Democratic primary race now has one fewer woman and one fewer person of color.

As with most things in political races, it came down to money. She doesn't have enough to go forward. She's probably also well aware that she'll be sitting in her seat for a month or more when the impeachment trial comes to the Senate, which would make it hard for her to campaign leading up to the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. (This issue will hit a couple of other people currently in the race, so if you are a Kamala-hater, keep that in mind before you do your victory jig.)

Of course, this will not be the last we hear of Kamala Harris. As we mentioned, she's got important work in the Senate, both on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees. If you enjoyed watching her smack the shit out of Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr and Brett Kavanaugh, you might get to see that more!

On the campaign trail and in debates, Harris was a fan of saying -- emphasizing -- that she believed she was the best to prosecute the case against Donald Trump. Clearly she wanted to do that in a one-on-one presidential campaign, but maybe she'll end up doing that as the attorney general for the next president. (Gonna be a lot harder to pull that "Kamala is a cop!" shit when she's in confirmation hearings for the AG position. You know, unless some people aren't clear on what the attorney general does for a living. More on those attacks in a minute.)

Or maybe somebody will pick her as their running mate! We just don't know. But like we said, we haven't seen the last of Kamala Harris. She's just not going to be the Democratic nominee this year.

We don't feel like rehashing any of the crap about how Harris's campaign was an internal shitshow. It sounds like it was, at least in some ways. But the Beltway media has written enough articles about that, and they were all boring.

As things stand right now, the following people who don't have a chance in hell of winning the nomination are still in:

  • Michael Bennet
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • John Delaney (for real)
  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • Deval Patrick
  • Tom Steyer
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Andrew Yang

And also some other people. (There are 15 currently running.) But hey, like we said, primaries change. Marianne Williamson might really catch fire! Or somebody else!

One more thing before we go, which we referenced above with the whole "KAMALA IS A COP" thing. We're getting to a point in the Democratic primary race where shit is getting toxic. All candidates are called upon for defending their records, and should be. But there's a difference between healthy debate and just fuckin' poisoning people, and many of the attacks on Harris that came from other candidates' supporters were either fact-free or cherry-picked poison.

Lest you think we're looking at just one group of people on Twitter, we're not. People are lobbing ridiculous and poisonous attacks at Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and everybody else in this race who would be exponentially better at being president than Donald Goddamn Trump. We sure have learned a lot since the 2016 election, haven't we!

Your chosen candidate's victory in the Democratic primary isn't a birthright, and sometime between now and next summer, somebody's going to win the nomination. Statistically, it's not going to be the person you currently love the most. Get over it. Start mentally and emotionally preparing yourself for Democracy, How Does IT Work?

Again, we are running against Donald Trump.

(Do you even want to see what the paste-eating goblin virgins who run the "Trump War Room" tweeted in response to Harris dropping out?)

(OK fine.)

What was that thing Hillary Clinton said about the Russians and the Republicans having already picked their favorite candidate? Yeah. Obviously all the nice group-hug things we have said in this post have an asterisk next to them, and that asterisk stands for "Except Tulsi Gabbard, who can GTFO." We're talking about real candidates, not chaos candidates who are beloved of Steve Bannon, as Kamala Harris pointed out in the last debate.

Anyway, again, Kamala Harris's exit makes us sad, but we can't wait to see what comes next from one of our very favorites.

We'll end with this tweet from Harris's husband Doug Emhoff:

We're not crying, YOU'RE crying.

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