Kamala Harris Is Too Queen To Notice Tomi Lahren & Her Stupid Apology
Photo: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License 2.0

Tomi Lahren had to apologize to Kamala Harris on Twitter for saying she "slept her way to the top" a few days ago.

Nobody gives a shit about Tummy's dumb ass stupid fucking apology. We care about Kamala Harris. Let's talk about Kamala Harris and her relationship with Willie Brown -- former San Francisco mayor and boss of pretty much all California for a very long time -- very quickly, and then let's move the fuck on.

On why Kamala dated Willie Brown, via The Nation:

"There aren't a lot of us … lawyers, African Americans, people of color, interested in politics. There was a deep friendship there. He has a lot of wit and humor. I need my mind to be engaged—I've dated a lot of intelligent men."

While I don't really think this is any of our business, I still realize it is a subject that will resurface time and time again, mainly because the person running for office is running with a vagina between her legs. Having vaginas make people feel entitled to be all up in your business all the time, and even tell you what to do. The vagina she possesses also seems to have the magical ability to trick women with dumb fucking mouths into a false sense of security, then, when opening said mouths in their attempts to diminish, disrespect, or damage Senator Harris, they end up letting their mouth get their entire dusty ass dragged. Glory be! One such woman with a shithole-mouth, Timi Lumpkin, learned a life lesson the hard way this week. Her much needed lesson was about how easy and FAST people will turn on you for saying the wrong thing about Kamala Harris -- just "the wrong words" like she's a hussy slut who slept her way to the top.

Kamala Harris likely doesn't even know who the fuck Torvald Lalloon is, so she probably won't notice that she got dragged, bagged, and zigzagged by her own conservative comrades for saying some extremely sexist poop that Kamala has no time for.

I had no idea the ex-mayor of ANY city could get someone into the Senate years after they stopped dating, but Rebecca says Willie Brown was really powerful, maybe a wizard.

Timon. Kamala Harris had to win millions of votes, are you saying she slept with everyone? Because if so, I feel left the fuck out, Kamala! I'm filing a Grievance. I want what I'm owed.

Now that we got that stupid shit out of the way, I will show why it's perfectly fine if Black Women are no longer forced to see Teletubby and wonder why she looks like she smells like pee. We, Black Women, have found a new super weapon that can take down any white woman who crosses our paths rudely, wilds out, or says shit we don't like.

Meet my weapon, I call them, "White Women."

I love that Britt read Turtles FOR FILTH on free ass public Twitter.

It wasn't just white Fox News women digging all up in her ass; white men, Black men, Asian Americans, Natives, cartoon characters. Pretty much everyone with a twitter and half an interest in what a Tiki Larry even is showed up to shit on her wall. It was a nice occasion.

Here is what the men had to say:

Okay, um, I had forgotten how handy you could be when we needed the obvious pointed out.

How is it that this tweet makes so much sense? Now I'm legit sure her saditty ass was having jello shots and on-demand abortions while the rest of us were watching the debate, and diligently tweeting hilarious jokes about running away in a Star Ship with Hot Grandpa Inslee when he clearly belongs to the Editrix whose husband will just have to deal. Never trusted her. Tami, not the Editrix. She's cool.

Heh, for real tho.

Let's wrap up the tweet gallery portion with a person who transcends petty liberal accoutrements like pettifoggery, prayer shaming, and the ever present "virtue signaling" that people have been killing me to death with. I prefer humble-braggers.

There are several very good reasons Black women were not listening to Tuppence talking all crazy on Twitter that day.

  1. We don't follow her ass.
  2. We don't like her ass.
  3. We watched her dumb ass do this in January.
  4. We remember when The Game dragged her ass, and when Cardi B dog-walked her.

Here her ass goes ... From January.


Girl, bye.

Did Tampon learn anything? HAHAHAHA!

From Good:

The question remains: Did Lahren actually learn anything from the exchange? Or, is she simply embarrassed for having been called out? There's nothing wrong with criticizing Kamala Harris for her political beliefs, her record or her policy proposals. But keep it in the arena of ideas or get out of the debate game and leave the jousting to those with something to say and the principles to say it correctly.

She didn't mean her apology, guys, don't be dumb. Teeny is just here to soak up all the lovely attention she didn't get back in high school when she was obviously shaving off her eyebrows, and drawing them back on.

Kamala Harris is too busy being grown as hell, and doing the damn thang to be available to say, "Tomi who? I don't know her."

Now YOU get yakking, it's your OPEN THREAD.

[CrooksAndLiars / Good / The Nation /Photo: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License 2.0]

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