Kamala Harris Visits Rachel Maddow, Is President Of You Now

We will have you know that Wonkette is UNBIAS when it comes to the upcoming Democratic primary (not Tulsi Gabbard). There are so many amazing candidates, declared and undeclared, and who knows? We might end up with a President Amy Klobuchar, we might end up with an amazing young man whose name the media will never learn to pronounce, and in his third year they will just settle on calling him President Bootie Giggles, because that's amazing. We could end up with a President Elizabeth Warren! (NO COMMENT-FIGHTING.)

But let's be real here, because unless we are wrong, there's a good chance it's going to be President Kamala Harris, and that is the thing that would please this Wonkette editor right here the most. (That's right, we are BIASSSSSSSSS. You? Gonna have to like it or lump it! Or just disagree with us, that is OK too. But you should know that Wonkette is an official Kamala Harris fanblog and that we have merch.)

First off, Harris was impressive in her first interview since declaring her candidacy for president, which happened on the Rachel Maddow TV program. We're very familiar with Senate Judiciary Committee Kamala Harris, the one what makes Jeff Sessions and all the other boys cry and beg for their mommies. This is a very good trait in somebody who wants to run against Donald Trump in 2020. But we are just starting to get to see what Presidential Campaign Kamala Harris looks like, and we feel comfortable saying that, so far, she is the official declared candidate who has That Thing. (That's a scientific term. One of our Twitter followers called it "command presence," but we are sticking with That Thing. For the record, Beto O'Rourke also has That Thing, and no, we are not talking about his sheep onesie, but he hasn't said he's running for president. CALL HIM, KAMALA HARRIS, AND MAKE HIM YOUR VEEP.)

Kamala Harris Calls On Americans To Step Up, Cites 'Inflection Moment' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBCwww.youtube.com

Harris has said in the past that in these Trump years, her desire is to be a joyful warrior, and that one day, we are all going to look back and have to answer the question of what exactly we did with ourselves during this "inflection point," when America's very foundations were tested by a fraudulently "elected" orange shitheel autocratic dictator wannabe loser who smells like Big Mac. (Not exactly her words.) And to those who wonder why she -- like a common Barack Obama -- is hitting the presidential circuit so quickly after being elected senator, her answer is simple: "November 2016." In other words, the country needs saving now, and she thinks she's in a position to try to do that by running for the nation's highest office and beating his ass.

I was raised by a mother, in particular, who taught us that if you see a problem, you don't complain about it, you do something about it. And when I look at what is going on in our country, and the way that, frankly, there is an attack on not only the American dream, but American values -- and I know that might sound corny, but it's happening.

We -- each of us -- has to figure out where we're going to step up and what we're going to do. You know, it's one thing to complain, but I think this is a moment that should require everyone to look in the mirror and ask, "What am I doing right now, and what can I do?"


Another thing that comes through in this interview is that Harris isn't the type to run away from things in her record that some view as controversial. She runs headlong into them and says "Yeah, let's talk about that!" There are those on Twitter who have already written her off because "she's a cop," yadda yadda. Others are asking questions about her record in good faith. Finally, some are David Sirota and they're cherrypicking Harris's record in order to reach the conclusion they reached a long time ago. That's fine. Whatever. We're going to have a big rollicking primary and we'll sort it all out then.

We were particularly impressed with Harris's discussion of the death penalty, which she is adamantly against, and which she looks forward to having a fight with Donald Trump about. She doesn't even try to address it from a moral perspective, but more of a practical Are You Fucking Kidding perspective, noting that it's a "final punishment" in a world where humans can still make mistakes and convict the wrong person, where DNA isn't even required in many cases, that isn't even an effective deterrent, and that disproportionately is given to racial minorities. She says she's all for locking the worst murderers up forever, in prison, and we'd just say that if that's an issue for you, then sure, you do you, dude.

Regardless, it's clear that Kamala Harris is ready and willing to tell you why she holds the positions she holds, and she'll back it up.

Also she makes badass Spotify playlists, which reminds us of this one other guy who was president for eight years.

As for other subjects covered in the interview, Harris talked about the current shutdown, and how insane and hypocritical it is that Trump and the GOP are holding the government hostage right now, supposedly out of Trump's desire for "national security" at the border, when the very fact of the shutdown means FBI and Homeland Security folks are going without fucking paychecks.

Also they talked about other stuff. Hit the video link above, and if you want to watch more Kamala Harris on Rachel Maddow, click this link right here.

At the end of the interview, Maddow said something she hasn't said to any of the other Democratic candidates she's interviewed so far, and it's that Harris has a really good chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

She's not wrong.

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