Kangaroo Court Won't Allow Blagojevich's Twitter To Testify On His Behalf


It was a historic and unlikely victory for Freedom when the Roberts Court ruled 5-4 that the accused have the right to "trial by a jury of their twitter followers" before being FedEx-ed to Gitmo. Well boo-hoo someone call the ACLU, because Judge Zagel, the jerk presiding over the Blagojevich trial, decided to plop a big ol' poop on the Bill of Rights and hundreds of years of legal precedent!

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich not to tweet in court during his corruption trial.

The flamboyant Blagojevich (D) — who was removed from office last year — had planned to live-tweet his trial under the handle @governorrod, which was created earlier this month.

This hardly comes as a surprise to Blagojevich, who is black and knows how the U.S. legal system treats his people. [The Hill: Twitter Room]


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