Kansas GOP Jealous Of Congress Hogging All The Ways To Shame Poor Hungry People


You know what’s bringing this country down? Not big money in politics, not gerrymandering Congressional districts to create 832 safe seats, and not evenbakeries shutting down because they can’t be bigots. No, those are all peripheral issues -- the real problem in America is the poors. Seriously, it’s sickening how poor people are just so… poor. They live in ramshackle houses, drive old cars, and don’t even have the decency to wear tailored suits! Seriously, just get some money and stop whining about being poor already, k? Such downers.

If there is anything the GOP has taught us, its that the best way to deal with poors is the same way you deal with uppity womyn who want nonsense like equality and non-rapey militaries: shame the lot of them until they go away or die. Well, Kansas is stepping up to the (empty) plate, per HuffPo:

Thousands of Kansans could lose food stamps under a new state policy that congressional Republicans hope to implement nationwide.

Oh,  joy. A pilot project!

While House Republicans are looking to slash food stamps by some $40 billion, states are totally jealous and want to dick over the poors IN ADDITION to the feds. It’s just like the Biggest Loser, except instead of fat people on national teevee losing weight through exercise and diet, its poor children going hungry out of sight of any cameras or news media, so we don’t have to see it. Freedom rocks, y’all.

Under federal law, able-bodied food stamp recipients can only get help not-starving for 3 months, then they have to either get a jerb or do job training. However, in tough economic times, states can seek waivers, because, you know, lack of jobs. Well, Kansas is figuratively sick and tired of the poor (who, not ironically, are also more likely to be literally sick and tired) mooching off the taxpayers. Everyone in Kansas knows that the only people allowed to mooch off the government are farmers who grow excess food that the government buys at inflated prices, food that we will not let poors buy because the poors are the wrong kind of moochers. LOGIC WINS AGAIN!

Whiny librul bitchez are doing their whiniest, yammering on and on about “anti-poor” this and “lack of compassion” that. Take it away, Topeka socialist Councilman Comrade Chad Manspeaker (D-natch):

"We have not shifted the long-term problem," Manspeaker said. "There aren't jobs out there, and we don't solve it by starving them."

Guess it depends on the problem you are trying to solve there, Manspeaker. Cause starving them will certainly reduce the number of food stamp recipients, and open up more monies for a much-needed tank that the Army doesn’t want but Congress insists on paying for.

And while the state government is sticking it to the poors in Kansas, vigilante assholes are taking food-shaming to a new level in Portland:

An unknown person has been leafletting Portland, Ore., neighborhoods with fliers that threaten to publicly name local recipients of food stamps and disability benefits.

This just goes to prove that public assholery and private assholery can be used hand-in-anus to finally bring an end to poverty. Through starvation. Surely this is the way G-d would want to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year, poors! We’ll do our best to make sure it’s your last!

[Huffington Post via tipster “chascates” / HuffPo via tipster "JM"]


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