"Since that distant year 2010, Arizona has experienced what is commonly known as the Arizona Bigot Renaissance" -- this will be the first sentence that small children read in their American History Textbook Kindle, in the future. Why? Read Chapter One of your eBook from the future, which explains how Arizona is the Bigot Capital of the entire world -- a special place where famous bigots and bigot-craftsmen congregate and do racist stuff together. Historians from the future attribute this "bigot awakening" to Kris Kobach, who ran for Kansas Secretary of State in 2010 but also volunteered part-time to help Arizona write anti-brown people legislation. Kobach will always be remembered as that asshole who helped draft the Arizona "You look like a Messican" ordinance, but did you know that he also helped Arizona outlaw Hamas anchor babies? In the future Kris Kobach is regarded as one of our Founding Fathers.

Yes, Kobach is collaborating with Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce on his next masterpiece, which will deny Mexican babies citizenship and hopefully also put all the illegal alien-babies in special detention camps.

“Most countries — almost every country on earth — do not confer birthright citizenship,” said Kobach, a constitutional law professor. He said he supports a bill in Congress that would grant citizenship to children only if at least one parent already was a citizen or legal resident.

Kobach helped Pearce and other Arizona legislators write the controversial new law designed to crack down on illegal immigration. He’s also advised other governments around the country on anti-illegal immigration proposals.

(The problem, of course, is that citizenship is a "federal thing." But will this stop our heroes? Of course not. They are much too stupid to let issues like "this is not a state issue" stop them.) [McClatchy]


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