Awwwww, Kanye West found a friend to help him through whatever it is he's going through, and it is Jared Kushner, awwwwww:

President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, met privately last weekend with Kanye West, the rapper who has filed petitions to get on the November ballots for president in several states.
The meeting took place in Colorado, where Mr. Kushner was traveling with his wife, Ivanka Trump, those familiar with the meeting said. Mr. West had been camping in Colorado with his family, and afterward flew to Telluride to meet with Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump ...

Yeah OK fuck off.

We have no idea what they talked about, but we bet it had something to do with Kanye's Trump/Republican-fueled campaign to get on the ballot wherever he can. We don't know why Kanye wants to do this, but we know why Trump and Republicans want to do this. They think Black people are just egregiously stupid, and will vote for the rapping man instead of Joe Biden, thus hopefully slicing away at Biden's leads. And maybe Kanye thinks that too. The Times reports that he's been repeating right-wing anti-abortion vomit about "abortion rates among Black women," and in an interview with Forbes, Kanye seemed well aware that he's doing this to hurt Joe Biden.

Kanye says he and his obviously real friends Jared and Ivanka talked about a book about Black empowerment called PowerNomics and that he's willing to do a "live interview with the New York Time [sic]" about the meeting. We're sure that book is totally on Jared 'n' Ivanka's nightstand, along with the Bible Ivanka puts in her bag as a prop for Daddy.

All of this is just very legal and very cool.

We told you recently about just how many Republican operatives are involved in the effort to get Kanye on the ballot, including that dumb dickhead GOP election lawyer Lane Ruhland in Wisconsin, who got caught on tape hand-delivering signatures Kanye needed for his Trump-helping quest. We are fairly certain at least some of the Trump supporters -- and it appears to be only Trump supporters -- collecting signatures for Kanye West are doing illegal things. We are also fairly certain Jared Kushner and Donald Trump and the rest of them are preying on a mentally ill person who may be literally in the middle of a pronounced mental breakdown, in order to preserve power for authoritarian shit king Trump.

Speaking of the shitheads collecting signatures, the Billings Gazette has some quotes from the brain wizards doing this in Montana:

"You want to help Trump?" one of the organizers called out Tuesday afternoon in front of the Yellowstone County Courthouse. "We're trying to take votes away from creepy Uncle Joe." [...]

A similar group of organizers were at MetraPark on Tuesday using the same pitch, calling out to fair-goers as they approached the gate, sometimes not even mentioning West's name.

The organizer on the sidewalk in front of the county courthouse called to people as they approached or left the building Tuesday afternoon. His pitch was always the same, help Trump, sign the petition, get West on the ballot and draw votes away from Biden.

The man declined to give his name, saying he had been "told expressly to stay away from the media."

Haha, they're not even mentioning Kanye West's name, in the signature drive to get Kanye West on the ballot.

Why are they doing this? Oh yeah, because white Republicans hate Black people sooooo much and think they are sooooo stupid that they will simply see Kanye's name on the ballot and vote for him, because he's a big celebrity.

Which is funny because isn't that exactly how Trump got "elected" (aside from the Russian reacharounds and James Comey)? By convincing a bunch of racist white people with zero taste to vote for Trump because he was on a reality show and they are actually so stupid they thought he was actually a rich and successful and big and tough businessman?

Huh. It's always projection with these people, ain't it.

[New York Times / Billings Gazette]

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