Kanye West Is Running For President Because Sure, Why Not?


Last night, on Twitter, Kanye West announced that, in addition to working on his new apparel line for The Gap, he is officially running for President of the United States. There was a time when that would have seemed ridiculous, but this is 2020, freaking Donald Trump has been President for what seems like the last million years, life is a never-ending absurdist Gish Gallop, so why the fuck not? At this point, it would be pure folly to say "Oh, that could never happen," because that is just asking for trouble.

He may have some difficulty with that, as he has already missed the deadline to be on the ballot in six states. To his advantage, however, he already has the support of fellow ridiculous person, Elon Musk — because that's just life now.

You may be thinking "Oh, he's just on one and this is just another weird stunt" — but the tweet was retweeted by Kim Kardashian who, to her credit, usually tries to play these things down as much as possible.

Honestly, if I had to pick between them, I'd go with Kim. In fact, I would actually vote for Kim Kardashian over most people who might run for president. She's going around getting people released from prison! Good for her!

Naturally, because Kanye has been a particularly vocal Trump supporter, there are already a number of theories being floated around about why he's running. Over on #Resist Twitter, many are speculating that he's doing this to peel off Black support from Joe Biden in hopes of giving Trump an advantage — a theory being swiftly countered by polls showing that Kanye is actually more popular among white people than among Black people. Why that was even a poll in the first place, I couldn't tell you.

That, of course, doesn't mean anything. Trumpists generally do not think polls are real.

Over on wackadoodle conspiracy Twitter, the running theory is that Kanye left "the cabal" but has since been "reactivated" in order to steal votes away from Trump, because "the cabal" knows that all the Black people are going to vote for him.

And, again, sure! Why not! All things are possible in this, the stupidest of all possible worlds.

Anyway, this is now your holiday weekend open thread! Enjoy!


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