Karl Rove (Hearts) Cindy Sheehan

What ever happened to retiring gracefully? - WonketteIn her latest attempt to stretch her 15 minutes into a career, Cindy Sheehan's book "Peace Mom" is coming soon, and it's sure to thrill right-wing bloggers. Says Radar Online:

In the book, which hits bookstores September 19, the antiwar icon admits she has fantasized about going back in time and killing the infant George W. Bush, thereby preventing the Iraq War.
While we give her props for robbing the war party of its traditional "baby killers" tag, we also have to wonder what the hell is wrong with this woman.

Her fantasy is to murder an infant?

If you're going to go all science-fiction time-travel moral dilemma, wouldn't you prefer to kill the adult just before he does the bad things? Or better yet, why not go back in time (with Mr. Spock) and kill Prescott Bush before he can finance Hitler's rise to power? And Hitler, too, because it's always about Hitler with you people.

No, wait, we have a better plan for Cindy: Shut up and go away.

Other people she wants to kill include John McCain, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Anybody else? Oh, him:

"Baby blue-eyed" Anderson Cooper, whom Sheehan derides for doing a "hatchet job on me and investigating me with a vengeance. He dredged up everything I ever did or said." She says her sister had to be restrained from beating up Cooper at the end of their interview.
Well of course Cooper tore her apart. What do you expect from a clandestine CIA agent?

Cindy Sheehan: Confessions of a Dangerous Mom [Radar Online]

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