Last Thursday, we had a brief item on a Katherine Harris staffer who was caught by a reporter trying to bring her shoes to her in the Capitol in the middle of the afternoon. It raised so many delicious questions, but it was so brief. We did learn that the shoe-carrier (a "strapping young man," per the reporter for the Kansas City Star) was an intern nicknamed Gator, but that bit of color doesn't begin to describe how hilariously out-of-hand the day went from there. To learn the whole screwball story, join us after the jump.

Today's Roll Call describes it as a Preston Sturges-worthy ballet of congressional slapstick. Gator was sent to the shoeshine stand near the Cannon Rotunda to pick up Katy's shoes and ran them to the Capitol, where he was stopped and questioned by the Cap Police (Akers: "It is still unclear what, if any, shoes Harris was wearing at the time"). Gator explained (within earshot of the Star reporter) just whose shoes were so important. Meanwhile...

A source tells HOH that while the shoe carrier was inside the Capitol, another Harris aide, a staff assistant, was driving the Congresswoman's brown convertible BMW over to the Capitol to pick up the tow-headed shoe carrier. And, of course, the staff assistant got rear-ended on the way over to the House.

The Staff Ass still managed to pick up Gator, and he was then awarded with a $40 ticket for "distracted driving."

Katy is barely in this story, but it really couldn't have happened in anyone else's office. We hope November never comes.

Shoeless Katherine, Redux [Roll Call]

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