Katherine Harris Gossip, and a Poll

"How can we say goodbye to these?" (Photo via AP)

Anonymous unsourced rumor time:

A tipster claims a staffer for Katherine Harris claims that the FBI has made copies of "all of Harris' emails at her campaign and congressional offices and are now going through them." Fun!

Also -- a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times (running neck and neck with a couple other Florida papers to see who can embarrass Katy more) is apparently calling up as many former Harris staffers as he can to see if they'll endorse her bid for Senate... and coming up bone dry.

We (having been accused of doing "the definitive grave dance" on Representative Harris' campaign) are not entirely sure if we can handle the nightmares of a vengeful comeuppance from the sure-to-be-victorious future Senator Harris any longer, so we put it to you, our readers:

Polls close Monday.


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