harrishug.jpgIt had to be done.

Katherine Harris (R-World of Pure Imagination), taking a page from either Lee Atwater's handbook or Go Dog Go, has kicked her sure-thing Senate campaign up a notch by throwing out a few explosive accusations against opponent Bill Nelson. Specifically, she's accusing him (without actual evidence) of doing what she's accused of doing (with actual evidence). Harris, whose campaign is apparently a series of hilarious speeches before country clubs, Republican clubs, and any other place where old white people gather and don't look after their checkbooks that carefully, had a chat the other day with the Kissimmee Bay Country Club. In the course of said chat, an audience member asked her about defense contractor Mitch Wade and the illegal campaign contributions he sent her way in '04.

"That actually happened in the past, and it happened to Bill Nelson," Harris said. "The difference is that when I did find out, I donated that money to charity. . . . He received some $80,000 the same way and he never did reimburse. So there is a little bit of difference, and I'm happy to draw attention to that."

She never identified the money to which she was referring.

Harris went on to criticize Senator Nelson for his "increasingly bizarre behavior," constant campaign staff turnovers, changing the locks to his office to keep out disgruntled former employees, and repeatedly being stuck places inexplicably shoeless.

Harris Alleges Nelson Took Illegal Money for Campaign [Orlando Sentinel]


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