Katherine Harris Now Officially Kicked When Down by Two Branches of Government

"Like to see Justice investigate these, amirite?" (Photo via AP)

More heart-warming news from the Harris campaign:

Political consultant Ed Rollins confirmed Monday that Justice Department lawyers and FBI agents recently questioned him for two hours in Washington. He said the discussion focused on Harris' dealings with Mitchell Wade, a defense contractor who funneled $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions to Harris and also bribed a former California congressman.

Yeah, we've seen this coming. Wade, we remind you yet again, is the contractor who has happily admitted to procuring hookers of still-unnamed gender for a number of congresspeople and intelligence officials. Hooray! Maybe Katy will wake up from yesterday's surgery to an indictment. But she'll at least be able to enjoy her drawn out legal battle in the comfort of her newly-renovated "historic home in Washington, D.C."

Feds query ex-adviser on Harris [Orlando Sentinel]


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