Katherine Harris Plays Hardball

Here's two brief clips from Katherine Harris' appearance on sadly Matthews-less Hardball last night. As we mentioned in our half-assed liveblogging attempt, Kitty was remarkably calm and composed, and it was only by listening to the words she was saying that one remembered how crazy she is.

What we learn:

  • Ed Rollins is "silly."

  • God is neither Republican nor Democrat. This is not news to Joe Lieberman, btw.

  • Scariest part of the video: They have the "email trails" of former staffers. They know all and fiery vengeance will rain down on those who've wronged the future junior Senator from Florida.

  • The bizarre denial of wrongdoing in the MZM contractor bribery illegal contributions DoJ thingy. Someone please translate.

In the end, though, it was a disappointment. Is there someone left on her staff to train her for tv? Because she didn't even accuse Norah of killing an intern!



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