Katherine Harris: Tested by Sensible Footwear

Matt Stearns, Washington correspondent for the Kansas City Star, witnessed a beautiful, surreal scene yesterday:

A strapping young man in a tie hurried across the Capitol complex Wednesday afternoon holding a stylish pair of mid-heel blue-and-white ladies' shoes.

"I've got to get these to someone who needs to get on the floor to vote" he explained after a getting a series of odd looks.

"Who do you work for?" asked a Capitol Police officer.

"Congresswoman Katherine Harris of Florida," said the young man.

'Nuff said. Except: How did Ms. Harris find herself shoeless in the House on a random afternoon?

This story: Funny enough on it's own. But when one recalls that Katy has a history of inadvertent public shoelessness, well, we have to assume that it's all some sort of insider-beltway scheme to embarrass her. You know, Ed Gillespie's hiding her pumps every morning, or something. 'Cause they can't control her.

Shoeless Katherine [KC Buzz Blog]


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