Katherine Harris To Sell Vast Push-Up Bra Collection to Fund Senate Bid

katherine harris assets.JPGAnd they are quiteconsiderable, as we all know.

Last week, Rep. Katherine Harris said she would fund her Senate campaign with $10 million of her personal fortune. Last night, on Nightline, she went one step further, declaring her intention to sell all of her personal possessions to fund her Senate race: "My husband has real estate, but I will not own anything." (Presumably she's willing to sell her pink spandex bodysuits, which could probably fetch a tidy sum on eBay -- especially if they haven't been laundered.)

Harris also told Nightline's John Donovan: "I am willing to take this widow's mite, this pearl of great price, and put everything on the line. No matter how much you have, are you willing to take what you have and sell it all for a great price?"

Our Floridian tipster observes:

"A 'widow's mite' is the small amount of money that a widow put in the alms tray, which Jesus said was worth more than a great amount given by a rich man. Ten million isn't a widow's mite by any stretch, especially considering that Kate's husband is worth twice that and she won't be suffering in any conceiveable way. The 'pearl of great price' phrase is put to even worse use -- it has nothing to do whatsoever with wealth or money but refers to the kingdom of heaven.

So it is worth noting that not only is she an idiot but also that she is attempting to pander to the religious right. Scary."


Here is a Picture of Katherine Harris Wearing Pink Spandex and Riding a Horse. You May Thank Us At Your Leisure.


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