kaygraham.jpgAndrew Stephen had an interesting, lengthy piece in the Sunday Washington Post about Georgetown's long road from slave port to "all-white enclave." It was so interesting, in fact, that he published it twice -- in yesterday's Post, and in the July 10 issue of his own magazine, the New Statesman.

Not that they're the exact same piece. There are plenty of differences, actually. Like how this New Statesman paragraph:

The likes of the Kennedys, Pamela Harriman and Kay Graham joined forces to create those Georgetown social salons of ludicrous legend, but the only black face I can recall ever seeing in such a place since I moved to Georgetown is that of Vernon Jordan, superlawyer and Mr Fixit for Bill Clinton.

Became this:

Blacks were thus becoming invisible by the time the likes of Democratic doyenne Pamela Harriman started creating Georgetown's all-white "social salons" of such ludicrous legend.

Oh, Kennedy stills gets a call-out a little later on, but someone left Ms. Graham's name off the Post piece, for reasons we simply cannot fathom.

Georgetown's Hidden History [WP]

The House of Slaves [New Statesman]


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