Kayleigh McEnany Doesn’t Get Why Media’s So Uptight About Vice President Health Hazard


There was some justifiable fallout after Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic Tuesday without wearing a mask, which was in clear violation of the medical center's stated policy and basic common sense. COVID-19 is no joke. Pretty soon, the only time you'll see people without masks is on Pornhub's “barefacing" channel. But the vice president insisted that he subjected the good people at the Mayo Clinic to the blandness of his face because he wanted to “look them in the eye." I'm afraid he's confused the masks we wear to protect others from COVID-19 exposure with the bulkier model Darth Vader popularized.

Luke Help me take this mask off www.youtube.com

Kayleigh McEnany, Birther bigot and new full-time White House press secretary, expressed her frustration with what she considered the media's “ridiculous" obsession with Pence as a public health hazard. Laura Ingraham, who's less of a Birther but just as much a bigot, said Pence's trip was “very cool" but the libs — you know, all those medical professionals — were “mask shaming" him. (Ingraham once freaked out because Barack Obama wasn't wearing a tie during a press conference, but it's not like he was potentially shedding blackness.)

McEnany shook her head with disgust and noted that the White House staff is "routinely tested for coronavirus." It's not clear how often is “routinely." Do we have so many tests to spare that male models Trump and Pence can avoid masks?

From Harvard Health Publishing:

If a [COVID-19] test result comes back positive, it is almost certain that the person is infected.

A negative test result is less definite. An infected person could get a so-called "false negative" test result if the swab missed the virus, for example, or because of an inadequacy of the test itself. We also don't yet know at what point during the course of illness a test becomes positive.

So, the maskless wonder could've tested negative (we don't know how recently) but it might've been a “false negative." He also could've been tested too soon during the course of his illness. The guy won't eat alone with a woman but he considers “barefacing" a minor risk. C'mon, he doesn't look like someone who has the coronavirus. Why can't we just trust him?

The whole point of the so-called “Mike Pence" rule was to exclude women from the workplace appear “above reproach." Even if you're not Dr. Jekyll struggling to suppress your Mr. Clinton, you want to set a good example. Pence couldn't even do that regarding Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. which is hardly a surprise because he's a big, dumb asshole.

McEnany will probably only have this job for another eight months, so she needs to pack in a lot of awful. She ranted for a while about all the important issues the media should focus on instead of Typhoid Mike.

MCENANY: What they need to be focused on is talking to the American people, covering what the president does in the White House each day.

He does not do much.

MCENANY: These small business loans that have been remarkable, that have saved companies, all the health updates we have, instead of focusing on mask palace, mask palace intrigue, perhaps they could focus on delivering news to the American people. I think that's what the American people deserve.

It is kinda newsworthy if the vice president is too stupid and vain to wear a mask when everyone around him who has “Doctor" before their names is doing so. It's also possible that with so much free-range ignorance roaming the White House, we might not literally have a Trump administration in a few months.


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